Q&A Lawyer Feature with Trish Lingard from Aptum Legal

By Steven Ram posted 01-11-2021 11:35


Article written by Christine Bulos

Earlier this month, Legally Yours intern Christine Bulos sat down with Trish Lingard from Aptum Legal to learn a little bit more about her journey within the law, how she changed career paths from event management to law, and her wise tips for junior lawyers.

How did you start your journey within the law and how did you find your way into your current practice area?

Trish’s journey is unlike most lawyers. The journey after high-school and having to decide what career path to go down is a difficult one, an issue that Trish faced herself. She understands the trials and tribulations associated with what might seem at the time, making a be all, end all decision. She started her career in event management and thrived in that for quite some time, however she always knew that there was something more waiting for her.

With a supportive sister, who is also a fellow lawyer, Trish took the leap into law school as a mature aged student. She took this challenge upon her and made the most of the opportunities and support systems around her. Although it was initially difficult, due to the massive industry change, as well as raising a young child at the time, she successfully finished what she had started and officially graduated and joined the legal industry.

Joining the legal industry does have its barriers, which many may resonate with. However, Trish took these challenges upon her and feels that they were rather character building if anything. She mentioned a quote said to her by a senior lawyer she heavily respects, something that may be particularly useful to those that had a similar journey, of which being to rest assured that there comes a period when your legal skills level up with your skills in the previous industry you practiced in, to which then you will just fly.

What do you love most about what you do?

There are a variety of things that Trish loves about working in the law. She loves the camaraderie of working within a team that values growth, collaboration, and mutual learning. A team that supports each other, and one that allows her to impart her wisdom upon the juniors as well.

Having a client-facing role allows her to really thrive and solve the complex legal issues presented by clients, ultimately leading to the best outcomes. Trish appreciates solving these complicated legal issues and breaking them down in a way where legal jargon is removed and instead a clear path is paved out for the clients to rest assured on.

But most of all, she loves being in court. Trish mused that this is where things really lift off and her passion really comes out, whether that’s appearance work, instructing or advocating. Although this may not happen as often anymore, given the limitations caused by COVID-19, it is still an aspect of practice she adores.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself as a junior lawyer freshly entering the legal profession?

First and foremost, Trish urges juniors to just take things slow and not take yourself too seriously. The journey to becoming a senior lawyer is a long one, and mistakes will be made, inevitably – and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you learn from them. The law may sometimes make you feel like you need to fit a certain pre-determined mould, although it doesn’t always have to be this way.

Trish recommends to not be so hard on yourself, to trust the journey and the process, as it will all work out in the end, as cliche as that sounds. Juniors must remember that their career in law is a marathon, not a sprint and to rather be focused on where you want to go and to appreciate the significance of the opportunities available around you. Pay attention to those opportunities when they arise, and don’t just wait for them – go out and look for them!

Trish suggests early networking with all, including fellow juniors, as they likely one day could be your opposing counsel. Building connections is vital and key to success, so don’t think it’s too early to start. Surround yourself with champions that lead and guide you, as they will help you open doors, although you must then be strong enough to walk through them.

Tell us a little about Aptum Legal and the reasoning behind the unique litigation only business model:

Aptum Legal has a highly unique business model. They have a value-based, fixed fee pricing model, which clients highly appreciate as it provides a great level of certainty, which is particularly significant when it comes to practice areas like litigation.

It allows the team to work more effectively and to work smarter. Aptum has a unique offering whereby lawyers are able to focus on the legal work, whilst project managers take the hands-on approach of providing clear, documented strategy and routine communication work with clients.

Given this offering, the lawyers are then able to think more strategically and take a step back and assess the legal issue from a birds-eye perspective. This strategic approach is well sought after and something that allows Aptum to do what they do best, which is continually delivering winning outcomes.

Where can we find out more about you and Aptum Legal?

You can find out more about Trish and Aptum Legal by visiting the website, Trish’s LinkedIn and Aptum’s LinkedIn or by watching this introduction video here.

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