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By Steven Ram posted 10-03-2022 09:57


Q&A Lawyer Featured Article by Nithini Perera

Tanya Neilson is the founder and principal lawyer at Guardian Injury Law, a personal injury law firm based in Melbourne. Having worked in personal injury law for over 17 years, in both rural and metropolitan Melbourne, the knowledge and experience Tanya has acquired over the years is truly incredible.

At Guardian, Tanya and her team of highly qualified professionals strive to provide empathetic, insightful, and clear legal advice to clients in order to assist them during a particularly stressful time of their lives.

What inspired you to start your own firm?

Since the beginning of her career as a lawyer, Tanya was motivated by the desire to assist people in a time of need.

Over the years she has worked in several organisations, representing people who are injured or ill, running clients’ cases from start to finish and working alongside clients’ and their families as they navigate through stressful and distressing experiences.

‘Assisting my clients to achieve an outcome that will be life changing’, is what Tanya describes as the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Although Tanya finds her work highly worthwhile, she found balancing the high work demands alongside her personal life during the pandemic particularly challenging … ‘I had an epiphany- there must be a better way of doing law’.

This was the beginning of Guardian Injury Law- a digital firm that facilitates remote working, allowing lawyers to maintain a work-life balance and in doing so, catering to the needs of their clients much more effectively.

What can you expect at Guardian Lawyers?

Tanya acknowledges the financial as well as emotional difficulties most personal injury clients are under with only some of them receiving financial support at this time.

Guardian Injury Law offers a free initial consultation session where clients can discuss their matters with Tanya and her team.

By clearly explaining the legal proceedings of a claim as well as billing, Guardian Injury Law makes sure that there are no nasty surprises at the end! Guardian Injury Law works closely with their clients as well as the support system around them to ensure the best outcome for the client.

No-win, no-fee

At Guardian most cases are undertaken on a no-win, no-fee or expenses basis which means that you will be charged for the work undertaken only if the case is successful.

Tanya has two reasons for implementing a no-win, no-pay arrangement: ‘firstly, I don’t want to drag clients through something that may be unsuccessful.

They have enough going on in their life. Secondly, in order for me to take on a case, I need to be confident that the case is likely to succeed.

Matters related to Workcover, TAC, Abuse law, Superannuation TPD, Public Liability and the newly created Covid-19 Vaccine Claim Scheme meet the requirements to be billed on this basis at Guardian.

Furthermore, Guardian does not engage with litigation funders. The cost of involving litigation funders is not a risk Tanya wants to pass on to the clients. ‘It’s a risk that I need to take as the legal representative’- she states.

Any advice to clients who may have suffered personal injury?

Tanya advises her clients to gather key information as soon as possible when making a claim.  She encourages them to seek legal advice early- either through a call or an email you can easily get in touch with Tanya and her team.

‘Make sure you have a good support network around you’, Tanya also adds.

Ensuring a just and fair outcome for those who have suffered injury is ultimately a team effort and that it is only through a holistic approach such as the one implemented by Guardian Injury Lawthat this can be achieved.

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