Purpose Productions: Q&A Channel Partner Feature with James Shadrach

By Steven Ram posted 10-03-2022 09:15


Q&A Channel Partner Feature by Nithini Perera

James Shradrach is the founder of Purpose Productions, a video production company based in South Melbourne. Purpose productions is committed to helping businesspeople and individuals develop a personal brand and to share their story on a wider platform. Today we sat down with James to discuss his journey towards finding Purpose Productions, his vision and strategy as well as his advice to clients who are beginning to build their brand through video marketing.

What is video-marketing?

Although traditional methods of advertising pushes a marketing objective on to the customer, modern marketing focuses on pulling the customer towards their product or service. James discusses how marketing has changed fundamentally due to the rise of platforms and the sheer number of advertisements the customer is exposed to in a day. ‘It’s more about creating something unique and engaging and pulling the audience in’, James elaborates. In an extremely competitive and saturated market, advertisements that feel engaging and personal are integral for a product to stand out.

How can Purpose Productions help their client to stand out?

Purpose Productions strives to help their clients identify their personal branding through authentic and efficient marketing strategies. Authenticity is integral to effective marketing- ‘a message that is authentic to you is one that will resonate with your audience’, James firmly states. Identifying the values behind the brand and communicating these efficiently is the other key aspect of Purpose Productions. How can we grab the audience’ attention in the first 3 seconds of the ad and tell them that it is something personal value to them?

In addition to video marketing, there are many other benefits of working alongside Purpose Productions to create your personal brand. The knowledge and the experience James and his team has acquired over the years can play a critical role in the growth and success of a start-up. This could be through finding new customer bases, establishing a brand presence, or shaping your business model to adapt to the needs of a changing marketplace.

James’ journey towards finding Purpose Productions

Growing up in Melbourne in public housing, James did not have many opportunities and did not know many professionals or formally educated people. James graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology, becoming the first person in his family to receive formal education. However,

he soon realised that the best way to establish agency and control over his career was to

to develop the skill of business and entrepreneurship, rather than working at a nine-to-five job. ‘I wanted to forge my own path and I was really clear on what my path is’. His journey towards creating Purpose Productions though filled with challenges, was an infinitely rewarding and meaningful one.

When to reach out to Purpose Productions?

Purpose Productions helps many professional services such as lawyers, engineers, and accountants as well as a range of e-commerce clients develop a personal brand through video marketing. So, when should you reach out to Purpose Productions? James encourages his clients to have a go at producing their own content first before reaching out to his team. Once you’ve experimented with creating a personal brand, Purpose Productions can work alongside you to elevate the content and create an end product that stands out in the increasingly competitive market.

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