Natasha Hannah

in house nous.

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My story, so far 

After years of feeling misaligned with my core values and how lawyers were ‘supposed to’ provide legal services, I wanted to do things differently.

Enter in house nous: where we’re less lawyer, more human.

I am now in a position to share my expertise in a way that feels truly ‘me’ and ‘right’ for my clients.

I have learned my empathetic approach is my superpower.

I offer legal expertise that is both compassionate and practical. Sounds simple, right? Sadly, it’s rarer than you might think in the legal industry.


My expertise

Having worked in law firms, in-house with clients, and in government settings, I get what it’s like to juggle multiple competing demands in fast-paced regulated environments. It’s kind of like juggling my twins!

I help busy business owners, HR managers, and executives craft both direction-setting and compassionate HR strategies. I also cut through (and save you from) complexity and legalese.

After some time with me, you will understand your options and walk away feeling both heard and empowered.

Think of me as your legal and HR 'doula’.

Come to me for:

  • holistic HR strategy
  • navigating the employee lifecycle
  • employee engagement and wellbeing
  • enhancing performance
  • drafting employment contracts and policies
  • navigating change and redundancy
  • long term absence and illness
  • strategic exits
  • bullying and harassment complaints
  • managing claims in courts and tribunals (and how to avoid them)

Life outside of law

In my downtime, you’ll find me either chasing my twins around the house (probably while sipping a cappuccino - which has likely gone cold), or dissecting hip hop lyrics with my husband.

I enjoy hiking (fun fact: Paige and I completed the Everest Base Camp trek together in 2018) and zooming around the futsal court.

I am also a pro photographer and run a photography business with my sister every other weekend.