Jacqui Brauman


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Jacqui helps families plan for their future in the event of an emergency or death, by getting their affairs in order, through her Family Legacy Plan at TBA Law. But she is also the founder of Legally Wise Women, which brings together women in an online community, who lack confidence with a legal issue to go from confronted to courageous ,so that they can have better control over the outcomes in a variety of situations and negotiate what they want successfully with less cost.

Jacqui Brauman created TBA Law in 2012, providing legal services to families in Melbourne and Regional Victoria, focusing on estate planning, family law and property. Jacqui’s personal values brought into the firm make all the difference - a commitment to serving her community, very strong ethics and a sense of civil justice, and a dedication to having a safe work environment.

Jacqui is an Accredited Specialist in Wills and Estates and has written and published three books: ‘In Case of Emergency’, a practical guide for young families in the case of injury or death,  ‘Death and Social Media, a guide to your digital estate planning', and 'The Sandwich Generation’.